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Within 10 minutes your website will be legally compliant. Get started with Legally ok and prepare your website for the new Swiss data protection law.

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Why Legally ok


The digital applications are continuously analyzed and, depending on the level of detail, targeted 'legally compliant' optimizations can be made.

Automated update service

Thanks to the automated update service, no manual optimization is needed.


Only one dashboard for all functions, whether it is legal text or cookie banners, can be called up at any time and clearly arranged.

Time and cost

Easy and automated integration. We do the work so that you can focus on your core business.


All legal text is formulated individually and industry-specific based on a questionnaire with an analysis.


With the legal texts you are permanently protected against warnings and avoid fines.

Quality commitment

A quality assurance is ensured for the delivered legal texts.


The legal texts are available in different languages.

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The service components of Legally ok

Legally ok developed the legal texts with partners specialized in data protection. Legally ok guarantees the quality of the legal texts provided, in accordance with the law. The prerequisite for this quality assurance is that the basic information of the users and the legal texts provided are complete at the time of an official complaint and by answering questions truthfully.

Different integration options are offered in the tool, from which the user can choose (JavaScript snippet and plugins). Alternatively, the created legal texts are available for download in PDF/HTML format. If the legal texts are integrated with a snippet or plugin, the legal texts are updated automatically.

An automatic update is performed once a month based on a rescan (renewed website analysis). Rescans automatically identify technical adjustments to the website. Consequently, the legal texts, as well as the cookie banner, are automatically adjusted. Necessary adjustments to the legal texts due to changes in the legal framework (due to judgments, new laws or recommendations from regulatory authorities), are also automatically integrated. If the basic information (address, company name, etc.) changes, the customer can adjust it independently in his account at any time. An adjustment of the basic information leads directly to an update of the legal texts.

The privacy policy is created automatically. A questionnaire provides the basis for the legal texts. The relevant technical details are determined with the website analysis.

The imprint is created automatically based on a questionnaire and, depending on the jurisdiction, also takes into account regulated professions. For example, in Germany, different mandatory information is required for regulated professions. All special features are taken into account in Legally ok.

The Cookie Consent Tool configures itself automatically based on the website analysis. The integration into the website is maximally simple. In a paid subscription, the cookie banner can be customized.

Legally ok's legal texts are aligned with the new Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The legal texts and the cookie banner for the legal area of Switzerland are additionally available in English, Italian and French. The legal texts for the legal area of Germany are additionally available in English.

With the "Pro" version of Legally ok, the legal texts can be fully customized.

With the manual rescans, the user has the option, in addition to the standard monthly scans, to analyze his website at any time if required. This is especially useful when direct technical adjustments to the website need to be checked. The number of rescans is unlimited in the paid subscription and limited to five scans per year in the free subscription.

The Lightscan Report is an automatically generated overview of all privacy-related aspects of a website or online shop. The results are presented in a clear web interface, and the recommended actions are listed in a clear and understandable manner.